Monday, February 3, 2014

January 20th Letter

Hey hey hey family!
Well, another week has come and gone here in good old Poland. There haven't been too many exciting things that have happened, but it's been fun nonetheless.

Life as an Assistant is interesting. We don't have too many things we have to do in the office. President is really trying to let us work in our area as much as possible. Yet, because of transfers and a few other things, our area is pretty low right now on investigators and such. It makes for a fair amount of time spent on the street. It's good though. There's no better way to refine missionary skills than to get on the street and start contacting. Nobody better to do it with than with Elder Wilson.

I started driving this week. It's not too bad. Everything came right back. Polish roads are a little bit different and there's a lot of roundabouts, but it's all good. Nothing too crazy.

Let's get on to some stories, huh?

A miracle Elder Wilson and I experienced this week came during contacting. We went out Wednesday morning ready to go and excited to go find people. Well, it was cold and snowing, no one seemed to be outside, and we had in our back up plans to work in the area book if the weather was too bad. We debated what to do and decided to go down to an intersection, loop back around, and make a decision from there. I should mention that we had planned to go to this intersection the night before and turn around. Well, as we made our way along, we contacted a mother with a baby in a stroller. I won't lie, I've been shrugged off by so many mothers with strollers that my faith was a little low that anything special would come from this one. Yet, something special did come. As we began to talk to this mother about eternal families and the blessings of the gospel which could be hers, it was apparent that the message touched her soul. I don't exactly know what sort of things she's been through or what she's dealt with, but she wanted to have the certainty that she could see beloved members of her family again on the other side of the veil. As our conversation came to a close, we attempted to give her a copy of the Book of Mormon and set up for a meeting with her. She declined to set up and would not take the Book of Mormon. It was the strangest thing. Elder Wilson and I were shocked. She wanted the gospel so badly just a few moments before, but wouldn't agree to learn more or even take a copy of the Book of Mormon. So, why do I list this as a miracle? Because on a day when we felt we wouldn't be effective in contacting, the Lord led us to a mother who desperately needed to hear our message. I don't know how this will fit in to her life or how it will affect this mom, but I have great faith that we did what we were supposed to do and that this mother, K, along with her daughter, O, are under the watchful eye of the Lord. Perhaps the next time the missionaries come around, she'll be ready and willing to meet.

In other news, we have a recent convert we're working with here in Poland. He's actually from Slovakia, but speaks hungarian, since he lives right on the border between the two. Anyway, his name is L and he's the man. Super cool. He's crazy talented musically and was just called as choir director. Anyway, we had his first choir practice yesterday. He's teaching us all how to sing. So, looks like I might be getting singing training out here for a while!

Sorry this email seems short. With an exchange coming up today we're a bit busy and emailing time is getting cut out a bit. I'm excited to go back to Bydgoszcz for a few days though. It's going to be a blast. I love that place. Plus, they have one of the best bakeries on the planet. Yay for baked goods!

Hmm, I guess I could tell you a bit about the branch here. It's possibly the most multi-cultural branch I've ever seen. We have a few people from Hungary, a few from Brazil, a few from Mexico, a solid amount of Americans, a guy from Africa (the Congo I think?) who's happier and even mroe outgoing than Matt Maddix, and of course, the Polish saints. It makes things a little hectic. I never know what language to speak to people in. It's all in good fun though.

Ah, yes, the packages. Well, the overcoat went in purely because I needed something to pack the pottery with so it wouldn't get damaged. Sounds like it worked. Hopefully none of it broke. The pocket planner is actually Elder Mikolyski's last planner from the mission field. I've kept all of my planners to date and I assumed that he had as well. I threw it in just in case he wanted it. As for the flannel shirt, that was also an Elder Mikolyski purchase that he ended up giving to me that I just threw in because I didn't want to be carrying it around. Hopefully you all enjoyed the candy. Mom, feel free to spread out pottery pieces as you feel to do so. I threw in a couple extra ornaments (bells maybe? can't remember) for grandma Fernie and Honey just in case they wanted some.

As for school stuff, I don't think I can even register for classes until early March, so that's not a big stresser yet, but I have no idea what I want to take. We'll worry about it when it gets here though.

Well, I love you all. Keep on being awesome. Remember, we're the Vernon's and we know who we are!
Hannah, we placed 2 copies of the Book of Mormon this week. Emms, good luck with track and congrats on Mia Maid President! Tell Heath she's awesome and good luck with Sterling Scholar. Dad, thanks for the hints. Mom, you're the best Mom ever!
Lots of Love and Faith,
Elder Vernon

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