Monday, February 25, 2013

I am 20!

Hey howdy hey family!
Well, I will do my best to answer all of your questions. I can see you have a lot. Let me start off however, by saying this. I have a brand new found respect for Elder Mikolyski (the missionary that trained Elder Vernon). Training is hard. As in really hard. I know I've only been doing it for about 3 days, but they've been some of the hardest days of my mission. It's not that I don't like Elder G, because I love him. He's super awesome. I just feel really alone a lot of the time and I feel an emptiness and homesickness that I haven't felt at all my whole mission so far. Days can seem long, but I'm so grateful for the patience that Elder Mikolyski showed with me and I'm doing my best to be the trainer that Elder G needs and to show him the love and patience I need to. I came across an old article in an Ensign this week that provided me with some comfort and helped me to understand what I need to do. It was written by Carl B. Cook, and he shares an experience when he was on his mission. He realized one day that the Lord didn't call him to master the language or to excel in other areas above his peers, the Lord simply called him to serve with all his heart, might, mind, and strength. I was reminded that such a task is exactly what I am called to do. No matter how proficient I might be in the language or what other skills I might have, if I'm not serving the Lord with all that I've been given, then I'm not fulfilling my calling. I'm doing my best and just taking it one day at a time because I know there are specific lessons the Lord wants me to learn from this. I have been grateful to see my progression as a missionary from this experience so far. I realize now just how bright eyed and bushy tailed I was right out of the MTC. I didn't know how to do a thing for myself, how to get around with my Polish, nothing. Now, I'm doing all of these things not only for myself, but for Elder G as well. It's a totally different experience.
I actually got my birthday package on Sunday, and that was a huge help. I loved loved loved it! Thank you so much for the notes from friends and family, for the talks, and for the pictures. Dad, those look like they're on original 1980's paper, am I right? Plus, moon pies! Those were so good. Thank you for everything. I was having a hard day on Sunday and the whole package was a huge confidence booster and comfort that I needed. I love reading all of your emails each week and thank you for writing lots and being the best family ever! Please, keep it up! I really am so grateful for everything you do, the packages you send, the letters you write, and for being such an awesome family. Also, I don't know if I ever told you, but tell Gma Honey and Ted sorry I never replied to their emails a while back. President only wants us to send an email to our immediate family, so unfortunately I'm not supposed to email them. Tell them thank you for sending those though and that I love them lots and lots!
A miracle Elder G and I saw this week was on our first night of tracting together as a companionship. We were ringing domaphones (a mechanism outside the building where you can call to each tenant) when a young lady named A came out of the door. She stopped and asked us if we could talk for a minute. We told her we could, and she explained to us that she had met with missionaries years before, but had lost her copy of the Book of Mormon. She asked for another one, and asked to meet with us in the coming weeks. We told her we definitely could and that we would be in contact. As it turns out, the sisters had her teaching record and we passed her off to them, but it was still cool to be a part in the work!
G is also progressing incredibly well. He's really starting to recognize the Holy Ghost in his life and to understand all that this Gospel can do for him. He's super excited about it all. The only thing that concerns me is we haven't had contact with him since Wednesday. I've tried to call him, but his phone either has been out of service or he hasn't picked up. We have a meeting scheduled with him on Tuesday, so pray that things go well and that everything is still alright. We also haven't been able to get a hold of B, and haven't met with her for over a week or so, but we hope everything is ok and have faith that if they are ready, they will get baptized. Apart from them, our teaching pool is a bit scarce. We are possibly meeting with a potential named R this week, might get another meeting with W and G (a young couple at school here in Warsaw), and of course we are still meeting with J. We have a great chance to do a lot of finding this week, so we will see how that goes.
Well, on Thursday, when we picked up our trainees, we had a great meeting with President Nielson and us trainers. He patted us on the back (figuratively) and gave us some great counsel and guidance in going forward. I just wish I would have realized then how much help he actually was giving us. Luckily (Pres. Scoresby would be proud here) I took good notes and I'm reviewing them frequently. President Nielson is fantastic and I am so blessed to have learned from him. President Edgren will also be awesome and I'm excited to see what sort of counsel he will have for us. I don't know much about him, but I'm excited to see what sort of excitement and attitude he will bring to the work here in Poland.
Also, Dad, I apologize, but I don't remember your chocolate chip cookie story with President Ballard. I vaguely remember something, but I'm missing details. Could you refresh my memory?
Now, to answer your questions. Elder G is fantastic. He is fearless. He will talk to everyone as much as he can, even if it's just a "hello" and "we are missionaries" in polish. He's a bundle of happiness and is loving the work. I have no idea what it is with T names, but I'm the lucky one I guess! He's also 6'3", so yes, I did get myself another tall companion! Thank you  Mom for putting our names on the prayer roll. I know those prayers are so helpful and I can feel them in my daily life as I do this work.
My birthday was great, but hard as well. I missed you guys a lot but felt comforted knowing I am doing the Lord's work. Like I said before, the package helped a ton. Yes, we did get the letter from Payton and Heather, and thank you for that. Hannah, sorry for not doing the show again, but we will do one as soon as we can!
Tell Bishop Gurney thanks a million for the birthday wishes. He's the best. It's really weird being 20. I feel old...
Anyway, Mom, you're the best. Thanks for the pictures, the encouragement, and everything. I'm glad you and Dad were able to get away and have some fun this week. Love you lots!
Dad, thanks for all the encouragement and help. You're the best. The book of Alma is probably my favorite in the Book of Mormon. It has some incredible teachings and I'm excited to read about Ammon this week. I hope you are all keeping up on the reading! Love you.
Emms, good job on the science fair! Let me know how you do. Don't worry about all those boys. They will ask you to dance eventually. They're just intimidated, that's all. Quit being so awesome, ok? Love ya.
Heath, miss you tons too. Keep up the good work. Good luck going for SBO! Keep up the hard work and everthing. Loves you sisser.
Hannah bear, love you tons. Good job on the story telling festival!
Sorry everyone, I'm out of time. Until next week, Hurrah for Israel!
Love you lots!
Elder Vernon

A New Companion! (Re-post from Sister Nielson's blog)

 "Meanwhile back at the ranch", the trainers had arrived and President was going over their new responsibilities in making sure the 'righteous traditions of the mission and missionary work' are passed on to the new missionaries.  Each missionary goes through a 12-Week Training course to assist in becoming more effective teachers of the gospel. (Standing: Elders Zelezniak, Wilson, Tingey, Neuner and Vernon. Sisters Masters and Young)

 Later in the afternoon. When everyone is back from contacting and the trainers' training is complete, President is ready to make assignments for cities and companionships.  The first is Elder White...
His new companion is Elder Zelezniak.
They will be serving in the beautiful city of Gdansk. 
Elder Boyce will be serving with Elder Wilson in Warsaw II Branch.
Elder Gibby will be serving with Elder Vernon in...
...North Praga or Warsaw I Branch.
Next is Elder Caskey...
...who will serve with Elder Tingey in the great city of Poznan.
Next is Elder Meherg who will serve with Elder Neuner in Kielce.  We will now have two companionships serving in this growing and great branch.  Now the Sisters...
Sister Swenson will be serving with Sister Masters in...
our northern most city-  Gdansk. 
Sister Lenhart will be serving with Sister Young and they are in...
...the Warsaw II District, Warsaw II Branch.
Afterwards they had a few minutes to meet and visit before everyone continued on with training and mission documents.  This is always a fun time to be around missionaries. There is a great excitement as a missionary receives his first assignment. Now, they finally get to experience real life as a missionary and doing what they came to do... preach the gospel!
Dinner tonight was a real treat.. 16 around the table.  What a wonderful groups of great missionaries.  You cannot ask for better than this!!!   Elders Meherg, White, Zelezniak, Boyce, Vernon, Sisters Lenhart, Young, Swenson, Masters, Elders Wilson, Neuner, Gibby, Caskey and Tingey.
Tonight after dinner and testimony meeting, the Warsaw missionaries headed to their apartments.  They can arrive at their apartments in time for 9:00pm planning and be ready for tomorrow.  Sisters Young and Lenhart, with Elders Vernon, Gibby, Wilson and Boyce.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Transfer Week

Hey hey hey family!
So, I know you're all anxious about transfers, so let's get those out of the way first. So, It was pretty expected that I would stay in Warsaw and Elder Saltmarsh would be leaving. Well, the expected happened. Elder Saltmarsh is headed to Szczecin with Elder G (who I was with in the MTC). I'm sad to see him go, but we've had a great time together and I've definitely made a life-long friend. What I didn't expect, is that Pres. Nielson would call me to be a trainer. So, I still have no idea who my companion will be. I pick him up at the mission home on Thursday after a trainers meeting that we will all have together. Kinda crazy. I don't feel nearly old enough in the mission to be a trainer. I just got here to Poland about six months ago! I'm beginning to realize how young Elder Mikolyski was when he trained me. He had only been in the mission field for seven months. Well, needless to say, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I hope I will be able to do everything that President wants me to and help this new missionary out. I have no idea what I'm going to have to teach him, how good his polish will be, if he's ever lived on his own before, nothing. Plus, I'll now have to get my way around Warsaw without Elder Saltmarsh's help. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! I'm going to need it. It's a bit stressful not knowing who my companion will be, but I'm excited for what the future holds!
Our baptismal dates, G and B, are progressing well. G was actually in church yesterday! B had work for almost 3 days straight and was leaving to łódź so she wasn't able to come, but it was still super great to have G there! He really enjoyed it, and even wore a suit too! He was super cool. He's super quiet and didn't say much, but he did say he would be back in two weeks. He'll be out of town this week so he won't be able to come, but hopefully we'll get B there with us this Sunday. B is already doing missionary work though! She asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to her sister in łódź because she thought it would be something that she would be interested in. We haven't had any more contact with her sister D as of late, so we're not sure what's happening there, but we are looking to find out more about the situation soon. In other news, J prayed in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! He did a super great job and it was exciting to see him accepting little tasks and things. He was so nervous. Remember, he wouldn't even bear his own testimony at his baptism. He's progressing well though. We're continuing to meet with him once a week and he's doing well. He wants to start into some family history work this week too, so we'll keep you updated about that! We talked to him about temples and eternal marriage this past week and he really found temples interesting. He even asked us when he could go!
Well, we had a cool little story this week. President really stresses us being out of our apartments and working from 6-9 at night. We call it 6 to 9 prime time. This is the time that has been determined by the brethren to be the most effective and best time to find potential investigators. So, naturally, we are doing all we can to take advantage of this time. Well, in doing so one night, we had been tracting for a solid couple of hours with no success. We were on our way home (it was almost 9, our curfew time), and we were trying to contact a last few people. Well, that was when we ran into Z. Now, Z was interested in our message. We were able to teach her a street lesson, talk about the apostasy, and give her a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get her number or address, but we were able to give her something that holds the key to her salvation--The Book of Mormon. After a long night of hard work, to have just a little push forward like that, to find someone who wants to listen and is interested in what we have, I know that Heavenly Father loves me and wants this work to move forward. Some people might say, "Eh, big deal, you gave her a book," but it's much more than that. We gave her an opportunity at eternal life. We gave her the key to her salvation. Maybe we didn't get a phone number or an address, but we did all we could do. Now, we hope, pray, and have faith that she will read and accept this message. I'm beginning to realize more and more just how special is each opportunity we have is to share the gospel. Giving someone a copy of the Book of Mormon isn't just some routine thing. It's a wonderful opportunity to help them see God's love for them and to help them understand how to draw closer to Him. I'm so grateful for the chance to help people do so daily. Missions are the greatest thing!
In other news, I sent dad and James a tie home today. James tie is the white and black paisley, Dad's is the other one. I've got the same one as you dad, so we'll be wearing them halfway across the world from each other! If the tie seems too long when you tie it your normal way, don't stress, just tie it in a full-windsor and everything will be alright. Mom, in regards to your pottery, I will be buying it in a little bit. Since I'm staying in Warsaw, I'll do it a bit later this transfer so it will get to you around your birthday. Speaking of birthdays, I'm almost old. Yuck. I'm not ready to not be a teenager. I just want to be young! Ah, but life goes on, and I'll be ready to be 20 someday I'm sure. I just don't feel like it yet.
I was also curious if you guys could give me any info about the Warsaw Uprising? It happened during World War II and it's talked about a bit here, but I never have any idea what happened. If you could send me some info, that would be wonderful.
I got Grandma Honey's package with pancake mix this week! That was great. Still waiting on the birthday package, but I will let you know when I get it.
Now, to answer your questions and comments.
Mom, don't worry about using my stories. I'm glad you got the chance to! I'm laughing at Hannah's comments. I have no idea where she finds these sayings, but they sure are funny! You're dead on. Understanding the Holy Ghost is definitely a life long journey. Thank you for the list and tips.
Emma, great job in Cali! Way to go! That's so exciting. Keep working hard and succeeding in lacrosse. You just might be better than I am when I get back. Crazy to see the difference from teams out east to teams from the west, huh? They're crazy good. Keep skiing hard. You're a champ.
Hannah-Doobs! Love you lots. Glad you had a good time at Snowbird! Love the snow.
Heather-Crazy about all these calls. I can't believe kids are leaving so soon. Definitely keep me updated. Patience, Spring will come soon enough. Good luck with dancing! I'm excited to see you get back to full strength. Oh, p.s. tell Kiera and Calea I'm still waiting on these letters. And lemme know what your schedule is for next year in school!
Dad-thanks for the great advice from Pres. Scoresby and Pres. Frandsen. Say hello to them for me. Yes, the weeks do fly by. Sisters are definitely increasing, and fast. In response to your question last week about mission prep, PMG plays a huge role in our work here. We have a mission rule to study it daily for 15 minutes. Definitely get missionaries PMG sound and they will do well out in the field. Everything needed for success as a missionary is found in that handbook.
I love you all. This work is the Lord's work! The church is true, as is the Book of Mormon!
Elder Vernon

Monday, February 11, 2013

"Blessings and Doughnuts"

Hey hey hey!
How we doing family? This has been a crazy week of blessings and doughnuts. I also received a Valentine's Day Package yesterday! That was awesome. I already opened it, hopefully that's ok. We enjoyed the candy and love getting mail from home. We're still waiting on Payton and Heather's letters, but we hope we will get them soon.  So, this week started off with Zone training, which was wonderful. I feel so lucky to be able to attend these meetings and learn about what the Lord wants me to do for Him as I serve here in Poland. I've tried to come to every big meeting so far on my mission with questions that I want answered. Every time I have done so, I have found the answers I was searching for, and even a little bit more that God felt I needed. Knowing that He loves me and is wanting me to succeed gives me the courage and drive I need to go forth each day and find those He has prepared for this gospel. It's also a fun experience to just get together with the other missionaries and be able to spend time together. President was pretty funny this time. Sister Nielson showed up with a new camera for Valentine's day that she bought for herself in the states. Anyway, she told us it was President's gift to her. He agreed he did a great job of picking it out! President and Sister Nielson are wonderful and it has been a huge blessing to be able to work under them and spend time with them here in Poland.
Unfortunately, we dropped K, our baptismal date, this week. Something hadn't been sitting quite right with me about him for a long time. Pres. J (the branch president here) had a chance to meet with him yesterday. After doing so, he talked with us and explained to us how their meeting went. As it turns out, K was more interested in convincing Pres. J that his views and theories were correct and wasn't understanding basic doctrines. Elder Saltmarsh and I agreed with him on this, for during our meetings K has often gone off on tangents about what he believes and never really came to belief fully in the restoration of the Church. We covered the restoration with him multiple times, but to no avail. He's a great guy, but just wasn't ready to commit to everything he needed to do in order to be a member of this church. We've learned a lot from teaching him though and I feel I am a better missionary because of what I have learned from him.
We were, however, able to extend three more baptismal commitments this week! They haven't been to church yet and we've only taught them about the restoration and the Plan of Salvation, but all of them have agreed to work towards baptism on the 30th of March! It's a very exciting time for them all. This week they all should be in church and we have a meeting with them again tomorrow. They're all reading the Book of Mormon and their testimonies are growing.
Now, on to Fat Thursday. (Note: Fat Thursday is a Polish holiday before lent) Well, Elder Saltmarsh and I both had the goal to eat 36 doughnuts (pączki in polish) in order to make a grand total of 72--the goal we have, as a mission, regarding baptisms this year. I didn't quite make it. I only put down 18--which is still remarkable considering that is a dozen and a half. Mind you, polish pączki are different from American. They're more bread-like and all have a berry jam in the middle. They're super good though, just harder to eat. Anyway, Elder Saltmarsh put down his 32nd, and then threw up. But, he pulled the impressive feat of eating 36 doughnuts! Plus, I learned how to say "to throw up" in Polish. Score!
I'm excited for this birthday package and I will be sure to let you know when I receive it. Today I will probably be buying that Poland soccer jersey and scarf (that I told you guys about at the beginning of this transfer) as my own little gift to myself. Yay for me! 
Anyway, I'm sorry, but time to me is really lacking (haha, super polish way to say things). I love you all though.  Emms, ski hard. Hannah bear, you go own chickadee! Heath, have fun at Morp and good luck with Prom. Yes, I know Eli, he's the man. Tell him I say what up and to stay out of trouble.
Well, the church is true. The book is blue (hah, that rhymed), and it is indeed true (I'm a poet!). Keep reading the Book of Mormon. There's power in that book. I know, I experience it daily. Abinadi is champion status, that's all. Keep the faith and I will talk to you all in a week! I will know what's happening with transfers next week.
With Love,
Elder Vernon

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-Post from Sister Nielson's Blog


The Tuesday morning following Zone Leader Council, Zone Training is held around the mission.  This takes the place of District Meeting.  This meeting is where the Zone Leaders teach and train what they learned in their Council meeting. 
Today was a gorgeous day in Warsaw.  Walking briskly to the Wolska Chapel were Elders Vernon and Saltmarsh.  Just out of view were Elders Manwill, Baranowski, Sisters Sheahan and Allen.  All ready to participate and learn.
We arrived and most everyone was early and eager to hear what they need for another great week of serving a mission.
Zone Training in Warsaw consists of the Warsaw I and II Districts.   Sisters Allen and Sheahan (Warsaw I), Elders Walter and Register (Office Elders), Kotter and Wilson (Warsaw II) and Sisters Packard and Young (Warsaw II).  Back row-  Elders Pofelski and Rogers (Bialystok), Baranowski and Manwill (Warsaw I), Van Bakel (Zone Leader), Rittmanic (Lublin), Dopp (Zone Leader), Peacock (Lublin), Vernon and Saltmarsh (Warsaw I).

Monday, February 4, 2013

"The Sprint"

Hey howdy hey family! Wow, sounds like a full week for all of you! Crazy to think that Uncle Brett is going to be a mission president. He'll do a fantastic job though, of that I have no doubt. Glad to hear that Isaac's baby blessing went well.
Baby Isaac (Elder Vernon's cousin) on his blessing day.

Elder Saltmarsh and I are excited about the letter exchange and are stoked to read the letters. I am glad you were able to meet Elder Saltmarsh's sister.
Elder Vernon and Elder Saltmarsh requested a letter exhange: Elder Vernon's sister is sending a letter to Elder Saltmarsh and Elder Saltmarsh's sister is sending a letter to Elder Vernon. We met Elder Saltmarsh's sister and enjoyed exchanging stories. Elder Saltmarsh has a very cute sister!

Well, this week has been a crazy week, and I'm lacking on time, but I hope I can cover everything I want to in my time alotted. First off, let's cover some logistical things and then we'll get to all the craziness, miracles, and whatever else interesting happened this week.
Elder Saltmarsh and I want to go to Adam's ties today to buy some ties for some of my friends and I just figured there isn't a much better gift than a 9 dollar tie, right? right. Also, I haven't bought my Poland Jersey and scarf yet, but hopefully I'm still ok to do that for my birthday as well. Mom, there is a really cool pottery store here in Warsaw called Kim's. Now, it's expensive, but I can buy you some cool pottery and they will send it home for me there. Would you like me to? Or wait until later in the mission? I'll try to get a better estimate on prices so you know whether it's worth doing or not. It would be a great b-day present for you :). Just give me a heads up and know I'm not going berserk with money and just spending it all like crazy. I really am grateful for everything you do for me and try to ok all my purchases by you before I do anything, so hopefully everything is good.
Also, for my birthday package, the only request I would have is maybe including a couple of pictures of me and my friends from before my mission. I love getting pictures of all of you and please keep it up, but it would be great to have some of before my mission to show my companions, members, and such. So, if you could do that, that would be great. Oh, I just remembered, I am running out of superfloss, so a new box of that would be quite helpful. Or some floss threaders, whichever is easier for you.
Heath, I would suggest taking ap Lang rather than 12 honors, but that's just me. Take your pick. Good luck with calc b-c!
Ok, now down to business.
This week has been incredible! A truly miracle filled week. First off, I finished my first missionary journal this week, already. It feels really weird to be writing in a second one already. Where is all of this time going? It's insane.
The biggest miracle this week was being let in tracting. That was the first time that has happened on my whole mission! We tracted into a group of 3 young people--P, A, and J--and they were more than willing to let us teach them about Joseph Smith and the Restoration. It was an incredible experience. They all started off somewhat closed and didn't seem too interested, except for P. By the end of the lesson, the Spirit was very strong and we committed all of them to read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and to be in church next week. The atmosphere in the whole room had completely changed. It is incredible to me the effect the Spirit can have in softening hearts and helping to realize what we have is true. I'm also very grateful for a Father in Heaven who leads His missionaries to those that are prepared for His gospel.
Elder Saltmarsh and I also taught a great lesson to the young couple who were a referral a few weeks ago, G and B. It was one of the best lessons about the Plan of Salvation I have had on my mission. They were asking all the right questions, have been reading the Book of Mormon, and are progressing wonderfully. We are excited to see how they will progress. They have also committed to come to church on the 17th of Feb. Neither of them could come before that date due to work and being out of town. We, unfortunately, lost track of time during the lesson and didn't realize how late it was. Well, we were supposed to be home at 9:30, but didn't quite make it. Anyway, knowing we were supposed to be home and trying to be as obedient as possible, we decided to have a footrace home for about 3/4 of a mile. This isn't no ordinary footrace either. This is a dead on sprint by two missionaries committed to be obedient. Well, I must say, I'm sure the people of Poland think that those 19 year old boys sprinting down the street at 9:30 at night are all sorts of crazy--not to mention we're in full suits, coats, and backpacks. We had a good laugh about the whole ordeal and decided that we would try to avoid footraces in the foreseeable future, unless of course we are dressed for one ;). We've since named the aforementioned ordeal "The Sprint" and refer to it in the third person.
I don't know if I had mentioned this before, but we had a senior couple serving here in Warsaw named the Jensen's. They actually live across the street from Uncle Rick and Aunt Helen in Alpine and are going home in about a week and a half. Yesterday was actually their last Sunday in Warsaw, so I gave them your address and phone number hoping that they will get in contact with you. They know Rick and Helen very well, since Rick was their hometeacher for a few years. What a blessing it's been to see two senior couples on their way out during my mission, and hopefully having both of them be in contact with you guys!
I realized something this week that may seem quite obvious, but it really hit me hard. This work really is the Lord's work. What I mean by that is this: What kind of person in their right mind is going to listen to a 19-year old kid, who doesn't speak great Polish, talk to them about God. Then, he's going to give them a book, translated by a young man with little to no education, and teach them everything to get back to heaven in a language he's barely started learning. I mean, it just doesn't make sense. God's hand is in this work. I see it daily. It has to be, or nothing would every happen. The thing is too, God works through the meek and humble of the earth. He doesn't want some brilliant scholar who is absolutely fluent but won't listen to the Spirit or teach as God would have him. He wants someone who realizes their weaknesses but relies on God to do what he must. That's why he worked through Joseph Smith. That's why Jesus was born in a manger. That's why Moses had a stutter. Our imperfections, weaknesses, and insecurities aren't meant for us to make us feel worthless. They're meant to turn us to God, to trust in His arm, and to do all that we can do to gain His trust. That's really what we're shooting for here as missionaries, to develop into somebody who God trusts.
Well, that's all for my week. I hope you guys can meet up with the whole Saltmarsh family sometime! That'll be fun for all of you. I'm loving the Book of Mormon. Elder Saltmarsh and I diagrammed the whole thing out this morning for comp study on our windows. It was a process. We'll perfect it then send a picture home. Dad, I'm glad you had a good time in Singapore. Usually, when we meet people on the street, we tell them we are missionaries and then share a bold statement of truth e.g. "We're sharing a message that we have a living prophet today. what type of meaning would that have to you?" We switch up our statements and have a good time with it.
Mom, you're the bomb. Keep on keeping on and thanks so much for all the packages. Lemme know about the pottery for your b-day, k?
Hannah bear, it's cold, but we survive ;) don't be sick, ok?
Emms, don't worry, we'll go skiing. Be ready to lose!
Heath, good luck with everything with school, friends, and keep those boys in line, k? I'm excited for Kiera's letter.
Well, I love you all very much. I'm doing the Lord's work and growing under His guidance daily. Have a great week and keep the faith!
With love,
Elder Vernon