Thursday, January 10, 2013

Zone Training--Repost from Sister Nielson's blog


Throughout the mission today, we are holding Zone Training.  This happens the week following Zone Leader Council.  What was discussed and plans made in that meeting are then taken out to the mission in District Meeting...only it is taught by the Zone Leaders.
The Warsaw I and Warsaw II Districts were together on this cold day in the Wolska Chapel.
Elders Rogers and Pofelski (serving in Bialystok), Sisters Sheahan and Allen (Warsaw I), Elders Manwill (District Leader) and Baranowski (Warsaw I), Elders Walter and Register (Office Elders) and our Assistants.
Elders Rittmanic and Peacock(serving in Lublin), Elders Kotter and Wilson (District Leader Warsaw II), Sisters Packard and Young (Warsaw II), and Elders Vernon and Saltmarsh (Warsaw I).

Part of the great Warsaw I Elders: Elders Manwill, Baranowski, Saltmarsh and Vernon. Following a great meeting they are anxious to get back to work and talk with everyone.

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