Thursday, January 10, 2013

13 New Ties--P Day January 7, 2013

Elder Vernon and Elder Saltmarsh took a picture while they were emailing. Love the faces!
Hey hey hey family!
Sorry we're a little late to email today. We went to Adam's ties today. Basically, it's a tie warehouse where we missionaries can get ties for only $9, so needless to say, I bought 8. Plus, they let us take some of the "skazas", which are the ties that have mistakes or aren't fit to be sold, for free. So, I came back with 5 of those as well. A good haul I'd say :). I bought two of the same tie as well, one for me and one for dad, so we can have matching ties. Now that I think back, I should have got one for Gpa Ted too, but we will definitely be going back to Adam's within the transfer, so there's always a next time!
Also, about the Christmas package. First off, I'm very glad you got it! Second off, let me clarify what exactly is for everyone. All the pottery is for Mom. The purple scarf is for Heather. The pink Nike side bag is for Emma. The Nike backpack (blue and pink) is for Hannah. The Star Trek shirt is for Dad. I sent the hat home for Grandpa Ted, or for Dad, whatever you deem is best. The only stuff that was really mine were the two soccer scarfs, but those can even be family gifts. Whatever works best. Now, I know you may have divied up the stuff differently from the sound of things, and that's just fine. I just figured I'd let you know what stuff was meant for who. I'm glad everything made it safe and sound, and I'm glad you got the package! I hope you enjoyed it.
So exciting to hear about baby Kaylee! Send Adam and Michelle my congratulations!
Baby Kaylee Marie Smith (Daughter of Spencer's cousin Michelle and Adam Smith)
Ok, now let's get down to the Nitty Gritty. Who is this... Encarnacion. I mean, what happened this week.
So, J, our baptismal date is progressing wonderfully. He's the man. He turned 60 on January 1st, and is so ready for baptism. It's been so cool to see him progress. He reads from the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes a day. What a champ. We've pushed back his baptismal date to January 26th because he still hasn't quit smoking, but we have faith that all will be well. We had a couple lessons with him this past week, and a funny experience on a tramwaj (basically, trax).
So, what happened was this. We were talking to him in Polish and asking him about different language things. Anyway, he told us how we just need to talk to people, and then said "smialo" which means bold in Polish. As he did so, he was gesturing to two fine young Polish maidens that were giggling quite atrociously. Needless to say, our faces burned with embarassment, but we had a good laugh about the whole experience.
So, on New Year's we got to go to the Nielson's. That was a blast. We watched a super cool movie about Joseph Smith called "Plates of Gold." It's not a church produced movie, but it was super great. We also got to see the transfer board! That was super cool! President let us see it in his office, which was awesome. Anyway, that movie got me thinking about Joseph Smith a lot, and then, in my reading the next day, I came across some great things about Nephi and how he relates to Joseph Smith. In chapter 2 of First Nephi, I was able to compare Nephi's experience to Joseph Smith's. Especially in verse 16, I can see the similarities between the two of them. Such stories give me faith and give me hope that I can also receive answers to my prayers from the Lord. I don't need a miraculous experience, but I do know I can still receive answers. It was also a testimony builder that God knows what He is doing and will allow His servants to know exactly what they need to do. Nephi knew what he was to do, Joseph also knew what he was to do, and although my calling is not as great as theirs was, I can still receive revelation as to what I must do as a missionary. That is a comforting thing to me.
What else is new...
We are having a blast together, Elder Saltmarsh and I. It's been super fun to get to know him and to enjoy spending time with him.
I get to see Elder Bokinsky again tomorrow! He's coming to Warsaw for a leadership meeting. I'm excited for that.
Oh, also tell Kira I'm still waiting on that letter ;)
Mom, I have not got your retainer package yet. Mail is a bit backed up due to the holidays, so I am just barely getting mail from the beginning of December. I did get a package from Prenten and Rachel, so please send them my thanks! I'm planning on writing them soon. Also, for future reference, I do like chunky peanut butter. I have not received Grandma's elf package yet either, but I'm looking forward to it!
Heath, I'm excited that you're running and moving again. I hope the wisdom teeth are doing better. I love the Copper Club pic. Those are my boys! Pass my love on to them. Live up high school while you can! You only get it once. Love ya.
Emms, I'm glad you're enjoying life and going skiing. Tell James he's the man and I love him. I'm glad you're playing lacrosse. Work hard, have a good time, and do your best. I wasn't the perfect example, but I'm glad you were able to learn a couple things from me. I love ya lots. P.S. Nice hobo pants ;)
Doobs! You're the best. I placed 3 copies of the Book of Mormon this past week. All were super cool people and very excited about it. For my birthday, surprise me :). I love you lots.
Mom, Dad, you're the best. I love you lots and hope all is well. Check drafts for pictures and recordings.
Ok, I think I got everything in I wanted to. I never have enough time.
Anway, I love you all, this gospel is true. This is the Lord's work, and I am humbled and feel blessed to be His servant. Keep working hard, read the Book of Mormon, and keep me updated on what you're learning. Until next week! Party hard and work harder!
Elder Vernon

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