Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Busy Wonderful Week

I am wearing the scarf that Grandma Honey sent me

My new ties I bought at Adam's Tie Store
. Elder Saltmarsh in a self-imposed time-out for being angry about our lesson with the crazy investigator. Don't worry, He was fine :).

The blacked-out Jeep we found. Yeah, Elder Maddix better be jealous

Hey hey hey family and friends!
So, we've had another busy wonderful week.  I'm going to try to tell you about as much as I can, but I've only got about 30 minutes of email time left, so here goes!
First off, we've got some great snow going on here in Poland right now. It's been a lot of fun, but I'm quickly realizing how awesome Utah snow is. This stuff just doesn't even compare. It's a bit sad really, because I miss my Utah snow, but I'll deal with it. It helps the loss of skiing not hurt as bad ;).

In other news, the Leadership Training meeting was super awesome. We had a super good time and learned a ton. It was fun to see many of my MTC buddies. Plus, I got to see Elder Bokinsky. I missed that guy. He told me _______ and _______ are doing well, and it was super good to talk to him for a while. Yes, that is my new scarf from Grandma Honey. I had to make sure she saw it, so I'm glad it was visible! As for what went on during Leadership Training, that's top secret information. I'd have to kill you all if I told you, so you're just going to have to deal with being left out in the dark...

Just kidding. It was super awesome. President talked a lot about being examples as leaders and doing all we need to do as missionaries as well. We received some great logistical information, as well as some truly inspired counsel. We also watched Elder Holland's talk from the most recent conference (sent chills down my spine when he said "This is the work of Almighty God, and it is to change the world." again), and then President extended a challenge to us. We are to find one simple object a day. One simple object, that's it, and then relate it to Christ. All things are made in the likeness of Christ, so we are to find that likeness from one simple thing, in essence. It's been a super cool experience. Christ has a likeness in literally everything! We've had a fun time finding his likeness in some of the most random objects. I'd encourage you all to do the same. Tell me about some of the crazy objects you can find and what likenesses you pull from them. I think my favorite so far has been M&M's. Christ is our Master who performed his Ministry. Anyway, that's just the beginning. I'll keep all of you updated on what I can find in the coming week!
Another super cool experience happened this week while we were teaching a less active, named _______. We went into the lesson planning to review the Plan of Salvation with him. As we arrived and began to talk about his baptism, when it happened, and his feelings about this covenant he has with God, I could see in my mind exactly the lesson he needed to be taught. We took the Plan of Salvation, included keeping covenants--specifically that of baptism--and how we can honor that covenant by coming to church. It was a spiritual experience where I felt the Spirit come in and guide us in a lesson in such a way that I have never before experienced. It was a strong testimony builder to me that the Lord's hand is in this work and that He will help us missionaries teach His gospel with power when we are striving to do our best.
We also had a crazy lesson with a somewhat drunk Catholic named _______, but I talked about that in my recording, so I'll let you listen to that.
__________is the man. He's continuing to progress, make great leaps, and be awesome. He's now learned everything, and just has to give up smoking, which he is planning on doing on Tuesday with the help of the Church's stop smoking program. Everything is looking great for his baptism on the 26th! We had a good chat with him this week where he told us all about his musical interests. Turns out, he's a big Pink Floyd fan, as well as of The Beatles. But, his favorite band was Queen. We had a good laugh about that and were able to joke around with him for a while.
So, I'm loving the Book of Mormon. I'm pulling more out of it than ever before in this reading. I'm glad you are all staying up to date and keeping up with the mission. It has been super cool to be able to discuss everything I'm learning with Elder Saltmarsh, and in turn to learn from him. Anyway, this morning we read 2 Ne. 3 and 4. Something that I thought was interesting is that Nephi includes all the blessing from everyone is his family, except for his. Another cool little piece as well. Read 2 Ne 3:21, then cross reference that and go read Ether 12:24-25. Let me know what you think. Indeed, 2 Ne. 2 is a great chapter. I know there is so much more in there than I could ever pull out. It is going to take some in-depth study of that later on. 
Mom, I love the packages you send. I'm glad you're feeling spoiled because you get to see pictures of me on Sister NIelson's blog frequently. I am glad you're continuing to teach. Good luck with the Doctrine and Covenants. I know you will do great with it. Don't worry, I'm healthy in all aspects. It may have just been a Sosnowiec funk or something. I do not know why I was so sick while I was there but I'm doing great now. I didn't want to talk about being sick when you called for Christmas simply because I was sick of being sick. It was a hassle, that's all, and I"m glad to be healthy now.
In other news, I absolutely love my Adam's ties. They are super sweet. I'll have to send Dad's home to him soon. We are going back next week actually, because Elder Saltmarsh and I want more. I'll try not to go too crazy, I promise.

Hannah bear, I love the whipped cream look. You're a girl after my own heart :). To answer your question, we placed two copies of the Book of Mormon this week. Kind of low, but we're looking to bump it up this week. Keep having fun and being the Doober!
Heath, who did you go with? Uncool, not giving me a name. Anywho, I'm glad you're keeping up with school, being awesome, and enjoying life. Live up high school, it only comes around once. I love you and hope you don't slip and hurt your knee! Keep on keeping on and say hi to Connor and Ben for me. Love ya
Emms, you're the bomb. Keep working hard and you'll see results. Super cool lesson about the Marathon. Keep skiing hard for me, play some killer lax, and just be awesome. Wherever you decide to go to school next year, I know you'll do well. Congrats on making it through health! Miss you and love ya.
Well family, that's all for now. The gospel is true, the book is blue, this is the Lord's work, and I'll talk to you all soon!
Elder Vernon

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