Monday, January 28, 2013

A Wonderful Day in Warsaw!

A Wonderful Day in Warsaw!
Elder Saltmarsh, J, C, and Elder Vernon. J was baptized by C on January 26, 2013.
Yes, J was baptized! He's the man. He hasn't smoked for almost two weeks now and absolutely loves the church. Something super cool was that we had a recent convert of about a month and a half baptize him. His name is C and he was super scared, but he did a great job. Now, something cool about J. We didn't know this until after the baptism, but his last name actually means Sparrow in Polish. Now, combine that with the fact that his first name is Jack in English, and we done did baptism Capt. Jack Sparrow! Pretty cool huh? 
In any case, the baptism was incredible. The spirit was super strong. So strong that J even made a comment about it. He said he's never felt that good or happy ever in his life! How's that for a testimony builder? Sunday, when he was confirmed, he was given some really cool blessings. He was told that he will desire temple blessings and be an example for those around him and in his family. This is some serious significance because J's roommate is very anti-mormon, and he is divorced as well. He has three kids and they all live in different parts of Poland. Anyway, he is rock solid and we are very proud of him.
We also set another baptismal date this week with a man named K. We are unsure how far it will go however. Background story. He met the church five years ago and randomly showed up a couple weeks ago again for Sacrament meeting. Anyway, we have been meeting with him and he wants to be baptized. He has some of his own theories on doctrine though and sometimes struggles to accept what we have, but he believes the Book of Mormon to be true and still wants to be baptized. Anyway, we've got to meet with him again and get this whole thing straightened out about why he exactly wants to be baptized. I don't think he really understands all that it would entail, but we have hope we can straighten it all out and get things in order.
Also, this week, we met with a guy named M. He's a physics professor and had some crazy questions about doctrine and about why God has a body of flesh and bone, because he claims that according to the law of physics it doesn't make sense. Let's just say it was hard for us to even get a word in edgewise. It was brought to my attention (by the Spirit, I'm sure), that answering these questions is not what I'm here to do as a missionary. We're here to give these people a foundation so they can answer their own questions. That's never been more clear to me as it was that night. It was a cool little revelation moment as I was teaching that's helping me to become a better missionary and teacher.
I'm so glad you are all keeping up on the Book of Mormon reading. It's been a huge blessing to me as I've continued to read. I believe Jacob 4 is now one of my favorite chapters of Scripture. I just read it this morning. Especially verses 4-6. The Nephites really understood the Law of Moses. Salvation didn't come through it, rather it was a Type of Christ for them to learn from and to help them remember Christ in all they did. Also interesting is in verse 7, right after Jacob has said that their faith is unshakeable, he speaks of their weaknesses as things to help them rely on Christ. It's a great chapter. I'm learning an incredible amount this time through the Book of Mormon.
Well, I am running short on time, but I love you all. Emms, you're a boss at skiing. Keep it up and work hard. Love ya lots.
Doobs, we'll try to do the Good Morning Poland show again for you soon! Have fun at your party. Love you.
Heath, You're awesome. Keep up the good work and tell all these missionaries I send my best! If possible, I would like to get some of their addresses. Jake Garlick and Silas Olsen for sure, and Jason Jerman as well. If that's not too much trouble, I'd appreciate it. Laura's too. Good luck with school and have fun with Logan at MORP. Loves you lots sisser.
Mom, I'm old, I cannot believe I will be 20. I'm sorry, my computer is gonna boot me off but I love you lots and look forward to your packages!
Dad, polish is going well. I'll try to send a voice recording about it next week. Thanks for the updates! Love you and Mom lots and lots.
The Church is true!
Elder Vernon
Someone else besides Elder Vernon likes peanut butter! I think Elder Vernon caught  Elder Saltmarsh sneaking a little! I love the guilty face and the fuzzy socks. Elder Vernon and Elder Saltmarsh appear to have a lot of fun together while working hard.

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