Monday, August 13, 2012

MTC Letter #8

Cześć Wam (hey guys)!
Ah man. Bear Lake looks like it was so sweet! I'm glad you had a great time. Looks like Matt had fun too. Heath, just how many of my clothes are you wearing? Yeah, I recognized that tank top. Emma tells me you're wearing all my v-necks too. It's ok, just don't wear em out too much, alright?
First things first, this week has been awesome! I got to host on Wednesday, and I hosted Tyler Bahoravitch, Kaiana Miller, and another Elder named Joe Jolissaint. Get this, he was converted by Robbie Lusk, an AF High graduate. I played with his younger brother Jordan. All in all, it was super sweet. So much fun to see all the new elders. A real tender mercy from the Lord. I get to host again next week too. Mom, can you send me all the times that people we know are coming in? That way, hopefully I can host Elder Gummow and Elder Ryan Kitchen.
I've really been focusing on the tender mercies of the Lord this week. I've been finding them everywhere. It's crazy. The more I notice them, the more I find. It's been incredible. Just like one yesterday. We're singing Redeemer of Israel for choir this week, one of my favorite hymns. How sweet is that? For my last week in choir we sing one of my favorite hymns. Not a coincidence, but a definite tender mercy from the Lord. I'm excited to continue finding them in my life and on my mission.
We went to the temple for the last time for a long time today. It was awesome. I love the temple. It's such a blessing to have one so close to our house. I'm excited for when I get back and I can go frequently again. I've got a goal to go once a week once I get back. I think that's just gonna help me in all that I do in life.
So. We got travel plans this week. Yeah, I'm freaking out a little bit. I'm leaving for Poland next Monday at 8 AM. I'm so stoked. We fly out from Salt Lake at 12:20 PM and get to Dallas at 3:55 PM. I'm assuming that's Dallas time that we arrive at. We have a two hour lay-over, and then we leave at 5:50 for London, where we should arrive around 8:45 AM London time on the 21st. Then, we fly out of London at 1:55 PM and get to Warsaw at 5:15 PM Poland time. Super exciting! I'm so stoked. I don't know that I'll have time to email next week, but I will be able to call you I think!
As for anything else I need I would like a copy of last conference's ensign if that's possible at all, and then my manual razor. Other than that I should have everything I need. I'll send home a package with everything I won't be taking to Poland later this week. I'm still not sure what to do about my backpack though. It would be nice to have it with me on the plane to carry my stuff with me, but from what I hear, nobody really uses backpacks in Poland. Everybody likes to rock the side bag. I guess that's just easier. Fanny packs are a big deal in Poland too, so some missionaries even rock those. I'm thinking I'll just send my backpack home and then buy a side bag when I get there.
I'm excited to hear from you all. I think you'll think Polish sounds kinda crazy. Sometimes it sounds a bit Chinese to some people I guess. I dunno. We'll see. I feel like my language skills have really picked up in this last week. It's making a huge difference. Yesterday, I tried to go the whole day only speaking Polish. As it turns out, I did pretty well! I could pretty much communicate whatever I needed to, at least gospel related. Get this, my companion, Elder Garfield, and I, actually explained the House of Israel to one of our investigators. In Polish. I dunno how we did that, but we figured it out one way or another. It was really cool to see our language skills improve that much.
So on tuesday we heard from Robert K. Dellenback, another emeritus 70. He was awesome. He talked all about the many facets of the book of mormon. He talked about how quickly Joseph translated it. I had never thought about that before, but he really did move so fast with it. It's crazy. He did close to 7 pages a day. That's incredible. Especially because now days, they can do maybe 1 page a day if they're translating it from English to a different language. Just another testament that this Gospel is true.
Last night, we heard from the administrative director here at the MTC. This was the second time he's spoken to us while we've been here. His name is Richard I. Heaton. He did an awesome job. He talked all about how our investigators have to act to come unto Christ. Their actions is what builds their faith. It was an awesome talk. I feel like I learn so much here every day. I don't know how I can contain all this information. It's incredible.
Mom and Dad, thanks for all the updates about Rick. His surgery is today right? I'm praying for him. I hope everything goes well. I'm sure he's in good hands. Mom and Dad, I also want to say thank you for everything you've done for me. I was watching old conference talks yesterday. Elder Holland gave one in October of 2010 called "Because of Your Faith." It's a great talk. It talks all about being thankful. I just want to say thank you for everything you do for me. I don't think I ever realized how much you gave me. I think I'm starting to realize now though. That's a debt I don't think I'll every be able to pay back. I'm so grateful for what you have given me and hope someday I can give at least some of it back.
We also learned yesterday about how to relate family history work to missionary work. I was able to get on our family tree and I could trace one of them all the way back to Adam. Yeah, like the first man Adam. It was pretty sweet. It was the line that goes through the Plantagenets, the Kings of England. Anyway, it got me pretty excited about family history work. I think there are some names on there that haven't been done yet either. That'd be really cool to be able to go do them. Mom, might be something to look in to.
This gospel is true and always will be!
I love you all!
Starszy Vernon

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