Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 2 in Poland (copied from Sister Nielson's blog)

Life in Poland...Day 2! All our new arrivals had a good nights rest and a big breakfast. They are looking fresh and ready to start the day!

First on the agenda...a brisk walk to the Mission Office to get started on legal work and other essential matters.

Seven minutes later, they arrive at the Mission Office. While our new Missionaries are getting all this done, the Mission Home is full of activity!

Our new trainers have arrived anxious to meet their new trainees. While the trainers meet with President Nielson....

...their trainees have made their way to the Warsaw Rynek to have lunch and start doing missionary work in Poland.

First stop...a pierogi restaurant. You can tell by the looks on their faces that they are a little lost!

But when the pierogi arrives, the smiles come out!

After lunch, our Warsaw I and II Missionaries arrive at the Rynek to help our New Missionaries contact people passing through. After introductions are made, they set out to work.

Elders Vernon and Harris follow Elder Raines' lead. These determined missionaries are going to find someone to teach!

We appreciate the good Missionaries from the Warsaw Zone who helped our new Missionaries learn to approach and contact people. They are learning from the best! (LtoR): Elders Harris, Wilson, Fletcher, Pofelski, Godwin, Bokinski, Szmanski, Vernon, Tingey, Neuner, Cieslak, Baranowski, Garfield, Weir and Sisters Holmgren, Forsey, Packard and Peterson.

Soon it is time to head back to the Mission Home and MEET THEIR TRAINERS!

Elder Vernon will serve in Katowice where Elder Mikolyski will be his trainer.


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