Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Letter from the MTC

Hi family!
Since we don't have time to email on monday, today's become a little bit of a p-day for all of us. That being the case, I have a few minutes to email home!
First off, thanks a bunch for the package! Mom, I love the shirt. Emms, stellar job with the Ipod. Where did you find the Truman G. Madsen stuff? I'm excited to listen to his lectures on the life of Joseph Smith. What a cool thing to have with me in Poland. The little speaker is sweet too. Thanks muchly for that. We're not supposed to listen to Ipods in the MTC so I'm waiting until I get to Poland for that, but I'm excited. It looks like some great stuff. The pictures are awesome too! Heath, the sweaters look great. I'm glad everyone on student council is happy and looking good. Just tell Connor it's time for the hair to go. Don't worry, I haven't opened up any of the letters. I'm waiting until I get to London for the first one and Poland for the second one.
So, I sent a few letters home yesterday along with my polish Bible and a copy of the Book of Mormon in polish. We've been told by quite a few teachers and returned missionaries here in the MTC that we won't want a bible that big and that we can get a smaller one in Poland, so that's my gameplan. Keep that one safe for me, alright? The Book of Mormon is a gift for the family. I had my name engraved on it. I thought that might be kinda cool to have at home to show people what Polish looks like. My packing is going quite well. I'm basically packed already, except for a few things I'm wearing today and tomorrow. Just a review of my flight schedule so we know when we can talk. First, I leave here at 8 monday morning. My flight leaves at 12:20. Hopefully I'll have some time to talk from around 10 to 11. Keep a watchful ear and I'll call you when I can. I'm supposed to land in Dallas at 3:55. I'm assuming that's Texas time, but I'm not sure. My flight leaves from Dallas at 5:50, so hopefully I'll have another little bit to talk to you all. Keep an open ear next to the phone! I'm excited to hear from you all.
I guess a little update on what else has been going on here at the MTC. I'm still learning a lot daily. We had in-field training yesterday which was all about working effectively in finding people and with members of the ward. It was really cool and a great change of pace for the day. On Tuesday I sang with the choir for the devotional. We sang "Redeemer of Israel" and it was awesome. The Spirit is so strong with music. I was really glad to be a part of it. Then we had Elder David F. Evans and his wife speak to us. They were awesome. Elder Evans spoke a lot of rescue and of the 3 parables in Luke 15. In reality, those parables aren't about anything being lost. They're about 3 things being found. Think about that a little bit. It changes your perspective on the whole story. One of the insights I received while we were going through the parables was in the parable of the Prodigal Son. It says the father saw his son when he was "yet a great way off." How could the father have seen him if he was not looking for him constantly? How often do we go about not looking to find someone in need? It was a great reminder for me to always be on the lookout for those in need of a helping hand, even when they are closer than we think.
Elder Evans also talked about a picture that Pres. Monson has been talking about recently. I think it may be called "The Rescue" by John Turner (maybe Trudner?) or something like that. Anway, it was a really cool picture. If somehow you can find out more about it, I would appreciate it.
I've got to go, but I'm excited to talk to you all. Dad, thanks for the letter. That means a lot to me. Oh, I almost forgot. Did I tell you I got a Dear Elder from the Karlssons? All the way from Norway! How sweet is that?! They send their best. They have a new baby daughter as well. Only 2 weeks old! I forget her name, but I have the letter. I will tell you on Monday.
With love,
Elder Vernon

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