Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We had MLC this week.

Hey family.
So, I've decided that I've become incredibly boring with emailing. Life is just too busy as an Assistant. Plus, I'll be home so soon that you'll hear about all my adventures anyway.

We had an exchange this week in GdaƄsk. I went with our only missionary from Norway, Elder Weggersen. He's a super cool kid, and a soccer star. We had a solid exchange, talking a lot about leadership and different things. He's still quite young in the mission, but he's going to have to step up quickly.

We also had an area authority in town this weekend. His name is Elder Adler. He gathered all the missionaries in Warsaw on Friday night and spoke to us all. It was really inspirational. He talked a lot about teaching by inspiration. It caused me great reflection. As I've grown and learned on my mission, I've learned a lot about basics and fundamentals. As I've done so, it seems like so much centers around some of the most basic things we talk about starting in primary: scripture study, daily prayer, and going to church. What I'm trying to say is that I felt like that was a lot of what Elder Adler talked about, but he focused on making them count. Those things are so important. They are what tie us to God and build our personal relationship with Him. That's why they're focused on so early in our childhood. I've come to appreciate them much more as my mission has progressed. I'm grateful for Elder Adler and the Spirit which he brought and his words of wisdom which he shared. He was also here for Sunday. I ended up translating from Polish to English for him during sacrament meeting and priesthood. It was stressful, but it went ok. Priesthood was hard to translate. The acoustics in the room were horrendous and I couldn't hear much of anything. But, we figured it out alright. It's always fun to have visiting authorities in town.

We had MLC as well this week. It was fun to gather with the missionaries and give training. It was my last one as a missionary. It's kind of sad, but I'm relieved at the same time. Time is such a fickle thing. It goes so quickly. I just hope what I've done here as an Assistant has made an impact for the better. We had the area doctor, Doctor W here with us for the MLC. It was interesting to see what he talked about. He spent a lot of time talking about depression and things.

We were invited over by the Kosanovich family for dinner this week. It was kind of hectic. They were really busy, as were we, but they felt impressed to have us over. It turned out to be important that we were there, especially for me. I talked to them a lot about how they ended their missions (they both served in the same mission actually). The answers they gave didn't surprise me, but they were about things that I hadn't thought much about. I really appreciated their advice.

In other news, do we know my subject yet for my talk? Or maybe I shouldn't worry about it yet. I'm excited to hear about Chase Cuilliard. Helaman's Camp will be fun. I'm excited about it. Do I get to stay up there the whole time? Or what's the deal? I'm just curious.

Mom, as for an open house, I'm happy to do it whenever. I'm flexible. I don't think I have any plans yet for that weekend, other than speaking in church. Ha, weird. Not having plans.... that's totally not missionary like.

Well, I don't know that I can think of much else. I love you all and I love hearing about your week. Keep up the stellar work. Hannah, what do I remember about Gpa Leo? I remember many of his jokes. I also remember him waking up in the cabin and having crazy hair, along with cheeto crumbs all along his mouth. Plus, I remember him playing racquetball and drinking ocean spray grape juice.
Dad, thanks for all the doctrinal notes. Congrats with the sale. You've been at Wencor a long time. Are you going to stay?
Heath, enjoy graduation. Life moves fast. You'll be in college before you know it.
Mom, thanks for getting ready for my return. I'll do my best on this side to be ready to come home. I appreciate all that you do!
Emms, thanks for loving me more than lacrosse. Speaking of which, we found lacrosse in Poland this week! Elder Lanham and I saw some kids practicing and we went over and talked to them. We even got to throw with each other for a minute. It was a blast.

Anyway, I love you all. The gospel is true!
Elder Vernon
Elders Vernon and Weggersen

Elders Vernon and Weggersen

Spending a lot of time on trains

Last MLC

MLC in Warsaw

Elders Lanham and Vernon with the visiting area authority.

On an exchange in Krakow with Elder Allen

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