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April 14, 2014 There has been no shortage of things to do!

Hey family!
So, it's been a bit of a crazy week. Life has been a bit crazy, and my emailing time now isn't exactly long, but I'm going to do my best to get you a good email.

This has been a busy week. There's been no shortage of things to do. It's been great though. I enjoy being busy rather than not having things to do. I feel that Elder Lanham and I have been effective as well, and that's a pleasing thing. I'm grateful to be staying with him for another transfer. I feel that we will be able to accomplish great things.
Elder Lanham and I have been talking a bit lately about the difference between big picture thinking and detail-oriented thinking. I've been trying to see the big picture as of late. By nature, I'm a detail-oriented guy. Whether it be ties, clothes, whatever, I notice details. I think that's both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, it prevents me from seeing the big picture. Yet, I don't feel like I have a weakness in not seeing big picture things. I feel that I see both, and frequently do so as well. At the end of the day, it's about seeing the big picture and understanding where we need to go, but focusing on details and doing the work that needs to be done in the present. Balance is important in all we do. I'm learning that more and more.

I spent some time on an exchange this week in Łódź. Basically, I've spent more time in Łódź this past week than I have in Warsaw. We were there Saturday and Sunday for the choir thing just over a week ago, then I spent Tuesday through Thursday down there for an exchange, and then we went back down on Friday with all the missionaries going home for a baptism that was happening. The sisters down there, Sisters Blake and Moncur, had 3 unrelated baptisms all happen in the same day. It's a pretty big miracle. 3 of the 4 Elders going home had served in Łódź, so it was a nice treat to them to see everyone down there and see all that happening in Łódź before they went home. Let me put it this way, I know the road really well between Łódź and Warsaw now. It was an adventure, for sure. Anyway, back to the exchange. It was a great chance to see Łódź and work with Elder Pieper. He's a solid kid and it was a good exchange. We talked a lot about obedience and being able to expect blessings from obedience. That's a lesson I'm learning more and more on my mission. It all hinges on that scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants section 130. "I the Lord am bound when ye do what I say. But when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." It's important for us all to see the blessings we do get from the Lord and to be grateful for them, no matter how they come. Obedience that we show in our small sphere affects so many other things, whether we see it or not. I'm a firm believer of it. A talk from Elder Holland emphasizes this point well, I believe. It's called "An High Priest of Good Things to Come." I can't remember if I've talked about it already, but it's quickly become one of my favorite talks. I highly recommend it.

Apart from that, we've had craziness happening with transfer calls and what not. It's been an adventure trying to put things together with a group going home and everything. Plus, a group comes in tomorrow. The group had to go home early because Elder Żeleźniak extended for a month and wanted to go home with the next group (transfers worked out such that he was a month ahead of the next group), so they headed home just a few days early because President couldn't extend Elder Żeleźniak for any longer. So, that's why there is a few days difference. Anyway, it's all worked out nicely. But, we sent the group home Saturday morning, finalized the transfer board Saturday afternoon, and then President hopped on a train to Gdańsk and made the calls Saturday night. It made for a hectic Saturday. On top of that, we had to go do all the logistical stuff. Usually, the board is finished before the day of calls so logistical stuff is easier, but with a lot of changes and no time, this one has been especially busy. So, please don't be mad if my email is short.

Alright, last thing. Dad, I was talking to a few missionaries, and the question arose about praying in the Old Testament. I've heard that people in the Old Testament often prayed to Jehovah. Yet, we pray to God the Father. How does that work? Any comments or ideas? I'd appreciate any answer you can give me.

Anyway, I love you all. I promise, I'm doing well, and I'll try to get a longer email next week. The gospel is true!

Elder Vernon

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