Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Poland Letter #14

Hey Family!
So, another great week has come and gone. A lot of fun things have happened this week. It's great to hear from you! Mom, thanks for being a mom and making sure I'm healthy and what not. I actually came down with another cold this week and I just haven't been sleeping all that well, but Sister Nielson had me go to the doctor and I've got medicine and everything is good. I'm not at 100%, but I'm getting back to it, slowly but surely. I'll tell you what, going to a Polish doctor was a bit interesting. We got one who spoke English, but still, it was an experience.
So, to update you on D and P, they had their baptismal interviews yesterday and both passed, so we are planning on having two baptisms this Saturday! I'm excited for them. Hopefully, everything will work out and all will be well. The only obstacle that we can foresee right now is D's smoking. She is still struggling, but we are starting a quit-smoking program with her tonight. It's from the Church and it usually works in a week. If everything works out as it should, we should be all set for a baptism. We've got a lot of work to do, and are planning on visiting with them almost every day this week. Pray for us! Elder Bokinsky and I are young in the mission, and neither of us has done this sort of thing before, but we know the Lord will help us and that all will work out for the best.
D and P have been the big focus of all of our work lately. We meet with them very frequently and we have seen great progress with them. They are loving the church and are really doing well with those things that we have taught them. Hannah-bear, P is actually right around your age. He's learning english too. He reminds me a lot of you at times. D's family actually includes two more children. L is 6 and N is 3. N is the queen of the house as well. Definitely a diva. She's super funny though and loves when we come over to visit.
Well, we had Thanksgiving this week! We were given about a two-and a half hour break on Thursday to have dinner and celebrate, which was great. We celebrated with all the missionaries here in Katowice (Elder and Sister McGrath [the senior couple], Elder Harris, Elder Mikolyski, Sister Holmgren, Sister Ence, and then Elder Bokinsky and me [yes Heath, it's me, not I in this situation. Ask Dad, but I'm 95% sure I'm right.]). It was a great time. We didn't get a turkey, but Elder McGrath is from Texas, so we did pulled pork instead. It was great. Everybody brought something to eat and we had a good 'ole Polish style Thanksgiving. I even took a solid nap, as is usual on Thanksgiving. We were definitely missing pie, but it was still great anyway. Elder Bokinsky and I even got out and threw the football that morning for work-out. We both agreed we could beat anybody here in Poland in two on two. I'm sure our high-school days make us feel like we're much better than we are, but we had a good time.
We also decorated for Christmas this week! Elder Bokinsky was in charge of all the decorating at his house and absolutely loves Christmas. That being the case, his mom sent him a bunch of Christmas decorations and we took some time to decorate. She sent tons of stuff. We even had a tree made out of construction paper that was cut up into a puzzle. It was a bit of a task deciphering how to put it together, but we did it on Friday, right after Thanksgiving, so I thought of you guys cutting down a tree while we were putting ours together! Sounds like you got a good one too! I want to see pictures!
Hannah-bear, what is this you're saying about a dog? Are we getting one for Christmas or something? I'm excited that you had fun skiing! I'm still looking for your fart-bar. Love ya.
Heath, give the Hall family a big hello from Poland and ask them if I can possibly get Jared's address. He's the only buddy of mine for whom I don't have an address. Also, tell Bruce "Hello Bruce" for me (Finding Nemo--you know what I mean). Good luck with all your sbo stuffs. Make sure you come up with a good dare! I'm excited to hear your knee is doing better. Keep me updated on that. Loves ya lots sisser.
Emms, great job on finding the Christmas tree! I was wondering who was going to find it since I'm across the world this year. I'm glad you like your new skis and boots. Keep skiing hard! I'm sending some pictures of Polish architecture this week. I hope you like them!
Mom, Dad, I love you lots. Thank you for your gospel insights and all the updates about mission calls. I didn't know Linsey Brown or Michelle Perry were going on missions, but they will do great. Also, congrats to Tyler Belliston. He'll be serving in the same mission as Kyle Anderson. I'm excited for him! Lots of people to speed up the work! I'm excited to get your packages Mom! I got the conference ensign and rick's life sketch. Thank you very much for those. I also had a good laugh at Elder Pockrus' story about blowing up the air-mattress.
I love you all. Keep working hard and playing hard.
This gospel is true, and this is the Lord's work. I know it.
Elder Vernon
P.S. A couple requests for the Christmas package: Oatmeal Creme Pies and Pecan Spinners.
P.P.S. Elder Bokinsky says Hi!

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