Monday, November 12, 2012

Poland Letter #12

Isaac Thomas Adamson (Spencer's new cousin)
Family! Hello again from Poland!
It's great to hear from you all and to hear about Isaac! I hope his heart murmur is ok and that everything will be great. I love hearing about your week and everything that you all have had going on. Do you want to hear about my week? Haha, who am I kidding? 'Course you do.
So, the most exciting news this week is regarding D. She has accepted the baptismal date of December 1st and absolutely loves the Gospel! I cannot tell you how prepared she is for this Gospel. She has so much faith. We met with her 3, maybe 4 times this week and she makes so much progress every time we go to see her. We had a lesson with her on Tuesday last week, after we emailed home, and we had planned on extending a baptismal date to her. As we were discussing baptism before we were going to extend her the date, she just flat out asked us, "So when can I be baptized?" Needless to say, both my jaw and Elder Bokinsky's hit the ground. We were flummoxed, but so excited. She has so much faith and is working so hard to be ready for baptism. She has smoked for a long time, and we thought teaching her the Word of Wisdom was going to be a big problem, but D beat us to it. She found out we don't smoke the first lesson we had with her, and so as soon as she accepted a baptismal date, she gave up smoking. She hasn't smoked for almost a week now! We haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom yet. She just understands she needs to give up smoking and so she did. I am flabbergasted time and time again by this woman's faith. She has more than me. It is amazing. That has been our big news this week. We've really been focusing on her and helping her get ready for baptism. December 1st really is not that far away, so we have a lot of work on our hands, but I know we can do it with the Lord's help. P, a member here, has been with us on a lot of lessons we have had with D. He is a flat out champion. He understands this gospel so well. He consistently helps us explain everything we want to and need to much more clearly than we can in our sup-bar Polish. He also gave D a ride to church yesterday and has just been vital in fellowshipping her. We owe him big time.
D also has a son named P, who has been listening in on some lessons with us. He's awesome, and he actually wants to be baptized too, but if he is going to get baptized, his date will have to be later than D's, because investigators have to come to church 3 times to be baptized.
D has been our big focus lately. That's basically it for big stories this week. I'm so excited about her progression and everything though (as you can probably tell). I did get sick again this week. I was in bed with bad body aches and a nasty headache Saturday and Sunday. I think it was some sort of weird Polish flu. I'm feeling much better now though. I hope this pattern of getting sick at the beginning of every transfer doesn't continue though. I think I only got sick because every one of Elder Bokinsky's companions he has had in Poland has gotten sick so far. I just had to keep the pattern going :) Don't worry though, I'm healthy again and all is well.
I also completed the training program this week! I'm no longer a trainee! Except I definitely still feel like one. I've got so much work to do and so much growth that needs to happen before I can be the missionary I know the Lord wants me to be and needs me to be. I look back at how much progress I've already made though, and I'm comforted that the Lord will guide me along His path and help me to be the missionary He needs me to be.
Mom, I got your package this week, so that was great! Hannah-Bear, I loved the little spider ;) I always love getting your mail from home. Mom, could you possibly send me some more blog updates too? I never got the last one you sent, which is a bummer. I love hearing about how all my buddies are doing all around the globe.
I love you all, I apologize I don't have more time to write, but I did have time to record some things and reply to what you wrote already this week, so look for that. Dad, thanks for the scriptural insights, and updates on BYU football and basketball. BYU's bowl eligible now, right?
In any case, the gospel is true, this is the Lord's work, and He is hastening the work. Stay strong, keep the faith. I think about you all daily and I love you very much.
Elder Spencer Vernon

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