Monday, March 31, 2014

March 17th Letter

Well, it's been a pretty stellar week over here in Poland. We had a pretty solid exchange with the Elders in Wrocław. I got a chance to serve with Elder G and Elder Lanham was with Elder F. I'll tell you a little about what I wrote to President about it.
I'm grateful to have been able to get to know Elder G better. He's a great kid. I'm very impressed with his polish, his ability to handle himself well especially at such a young age in the mission, and his knowledge. He has a very gifted brain which will take him far.
Wrocław is a pretty cool city as well. The town square is beautiful and we were blessed to have miracles happening left and right on our exchange. We've got another one this week with the zone leaders in Katowice. It'll be a fun time, I'm pretty sure.
We had a miraculous experience this week with L. We met with him and had planned to read 1 Ne. 1 with him to show him the connections with the Restoration. As we did, he brought up a lot of concerns he's having about reading the Book of Mormon and just that he's struggling with a few things in his life. It was a touching thing to see. If we hadn't have read 1 Ne. 1 with him, I don't know that those same concerns would have come out. The lesson plan was definitely guided by the Spirit. It's a comforting thing to know that the Lord places us with the right companion at the right time. We ended up giving L a priesthood blessing which seemed to really help him. He's a special guy and has a lot to do for the Lord in the future. I'm sure of it.
All in all, I feel that things are going well right now. I'm pleased to be serving with Elder Lanham. He's a solid companion and we do a lot of good together. I'm learning a lot about how to relax, do the things which the Lord wants me to do, and being merciful with my weaknesses. I feel it's a special time on my mission, and I'm grateful for it.
So, I apologize, but this letter is going to be pretty short. I didn't manage my time all that well and President walked in and we ended up meeting with him for a while and discussing a few things regarding the mission. I did create a voice recording with Elder Lanham so look for that in my drafts. I am really sorry that this is so short. We've got to run to catch a train and go on an exchange though.
Heath, I'm glad to hear your got your patriarchal blessing. Going on a mission huh? Any ideas as to when yet? I'm excited for ya.
Emms, run the 400! Way to go with starting for lacrosse. I bet you're tearing it up. Keep your back in good shape. You'll be good.
Hannah bear, you keep an eye on the pets. Make sure they don't get in trouble.
Dad, glad to hear that things are good at home. Don't apologize for writing too much.
Mom, really quickly, there's an American family who just moved into the branch. Their name is Kosanovich and they want you to look them up on facebook. They had us over for dinner twice already and they have pictures and everything. Plus, they know Elder Judd. So, the lady's name is Lisa Christman Kosanovich.
Well family, I love you all. Wish me luck this week. Life is good and moving quickly!
The gospel is true!
Elder Vernon
Elders Lanham, Fotu and Vernon

Elder Lanham and Elder Vernon

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