Monday, March 31, 2014

Emergency Exchange-March 17th Letter

Hey family.
So, a little bit of a crazy happening, but I've actually got to run home to pack a bag and get on an emergency exchange. One of the Elders in Kielce is sick and has to come into Warsaw for some medical treatment, so I'm going down there for a few days to hold down the fort. It'll be an exciting few days. Anyway, I'm driving down with President to Kielce because he wants to do an interview down there. I'm going to be emailing during the ride, so if you want to get on, I'll be on. We're leaving about 2 o'clock here, which'll be in just about 2 and a half hours.


So, I'm currently on the road right now on the way to Kielce. As you all know, I'm going down there for a few days because of an emergency exchange. One of the Elders there has to come into Warsaw for some medical testing. Anyway, there's no senior couple in Kielce, and they don't want the sisters down there to be left alone for a night, so they're sending me down to spend some time there. I'm excited for it. It'll be a good time. I'm going to be with Elder F, a baseball player from the Salt Lake Valley. It'll be a good time. The sisters down there right now are Sister W and Sister O. I spend a transfer around Sister O in Szczecin, so it will be fun to see her again.

We've been preparing for MLC. We've finally settled on teaching about faith and how it relates to extending the baptismal invitation on the second lesson at the latest. It took a long walk around the area last night, talking about it, to finally come to a conclusion and to feel that the Lord gave us what we need to do. Sometimes, answers don't come all at once. As downright annoying as it can get, I know it's for the best when answers don't always come in a flash.
I'm really enjoying serving with Elder Lanham. He's a really good kid. I've been able to relate to him more and be more open with him. It's a blessing from the Lord. I don't have any reason why right now shouldn't be the best time of my mission, and I think it is. The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill, but I'm learning to be content with what I have and what the Lord wants me to do.ey to just relax and be himself. We become much more effective as we do so.

It was great to be back in Katowice for a few days. I enoyed seeing some of the people who I know down there. I tried to get in touch with D, but to no real success. She's gone less-active in the time that I've been gone. She has a hard situation with her husband and some family issues, so hopefully things will work out in the future. I also got to talk to A. We actually had a lesson with an investigator and he came with us. He wasn't expecting me to be there, so it was a big surprise for him. He gave me some nice compliments and it was a great chance to talk with him and re-connect. He's a special guy and is doing some great work right now as a branch president. The longer I'm on my mission, the more grateful I am for the relationships I've gained. I feel blessed by them and feel that the Lord has had a great hand in all that I've done.

I apologize if this letter is short. I'll do my best to try to answer some questions this next week and everything. I especially know that Dad asked some specific questions which I'll do my best to answer in the coming week. From what I remember now, in terms of cities I haven't visited in which there are missionaries, there's sitll a few. After today, it'll be 4 left which I haven't visited--łódź, lublin, białystok, and kraków.  We'll see if I get the chance to visit them all. I'm hoping I will, but only time will tell.

Well hey, I love you all. Keep up the great work. The church is true!
Elder Vernon

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