Monday, February 18, 2013

Transfer Week

Hey hey hey family!
So, I know you're all anxious about transfers, so let's get those out of the way first. So, It was pretty expected that I would stay in Warsaw and Elder Saltmarsh would be leaving. Well, the expected happened. Elder Saltmarsh is headed to Szczecin with Elder G (who I was with in the MTC). I'm sad to see him go, but we've had a great time together and I've definitely made a life-long friend. What I didn't expect, is that Pres. Nielson would call me to be a trainer. So, I still have no idea who my companion will be. I pick him up at the mission home on Thursday after a trainers meeting that we will all have together. Kinda crazy. I don't feel nearly old enough in the mission to be a trainer. I just got here to Poland about six months ago! I'm beginning to realize how young Elder Mikolyski was when he trained me. He had only been in the mission field for seven months. Well, needless to say, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I hope I will be able to do everything that President wants me to and help this new missionary out. I have no idea what I'm going to have to teach him, how good his polish will be, if he's ever lived on his own before, nothing. Plus, I'll now have to get my way around Warsaw without Elder Saltmarsh's help. Wish me luck and keep me in your prayers! I'm going to need it. It's a bit stressful not knowing who my companion will be, but I'm excited for what the future holds!
Our baptismal dates, G and B, are progressing well. G was actually in church yesterday! B had work for almost 3 days straight and was leaving to łódź so she wasn't able to come, but it was still super great to have G there! He really enjoyed it, and even wore a suit too! He was super cool. He's super quiet and didn't say much, but he did say he would be back in two weeks. He'll be out of town this week so he won't be able to come, but hopefully we'll get B there with us this Sunday. B is already doing missionary work though! She asked us for a Book of Mormon to give to her sister in łódź because she thought it would be something that she would be interested in. We haven't had any more contact with her sister D as of late, so we're not sure what's happening there, but we are looking to find out more about the situation soon. In other news, J prayed in Sacrament Meeting yesterday! He did a super great job and it was exciting to see him accepting little tasks and things. He was so nervous. Remember, he wouldn't even bear his own testimony at his baptism. He's progressing well though. We're continuing to meet with him once a week and he's doing well. He wants to start into some family history work this week too, so we'll keep you updated about that! We talked to him about temples and eternal marriage this past week and he really found temples interesting. He even asked us when he could go!
Well, we had a cool little story this week. President really stresses us being out of our apartments and working from 6-9 at night. We call it 6 to 9 prime time. This is the time that has been determined by the brethren to be the most effective and best time to find potential investigators. So, naturally, we are doing all we can to take advantage of this time. Well, in doing so one night, we had been tracting for a solid couple of hours with no success. We were on our way home (it was almost 9, our curfew time), and we were trying to contact a last few people. Well, that was when we ran into Z. Now, Z was interested in our message. We were able to teach her a street lesson, talk about the apostasy, and give her a Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get her number or address, but we were able to give her something that holds the key to her salvation--The Book of Mormon. After a long night of hard work, to have just a little push forward like that, to find someone who wants to listen and is interested in what we have, I know that Heavenly Father loves me and wants this work to move forward. Some people might say, "Eh, big deal, you gave her a book," but it's much more than that. We gave her an opportunity at eternal life. We gave her the key to her salvation. Maybe we didn't get a phone number or an address, but we did all we could do. Now, we hope, pray, and have faith that she will read and accept this message. I'm beginning to realize more and more just how special is each opportunity we have is to share the gospel. Giving someone a copy of the Book of Mormon isn't just some routine thing. It's a wonderful opportunity to help them see God's love for them and to help them understand how to draw closer to Him. I'm so grateful for the chance to help people do so daily. Missions are the greatest thing!
In other news, I sent dad and James a tie home today. James tie is the white and black paisley, Dad's is the other one. I've got the same one as you dad, so we'll be wearing them halfway across the world from each other! If the tie seems too long when you tie it your normal way, don't stress, just tie it in a full-windsor and everything will be alright. Mom, in regards to your pottery, I will be buying it in a little bit. Since I'm staying in Warsaw, I'll do it a bit later this transfer so it will get to you around your birthday. Speaking of birthdays, I'm almost old. Yuck. I'm not ready to not be a teenager. I just want to be young! Ah, but life goes on, and I'll be ready to be 20 someday I'm sure. I just don't feel like it yet.
I was also curious if you guys could give me any info about the Warsaw Uprising? It happened during World War II and it's talked about a bit here, but I never have any idea what happened. If you could send me some info, that would be wonderful.
I got Grandma Honey's package with pancake mix this week! That was great. Still waiting on the birthday package, but I will let you know when I get it.
Now, to answer your questions and comments.
Mom, don't worry about using my stories. I'm glad you got the chance to! I'm laughing at Hannah's comments. I have no idea where she finds these sayings, but they sure are funny! You're dead on. Understanding the Holy Ghost is definitely a life long journey. Thank you for the list and tips.
Emma, great job in Cali! Way to go! That's so exciting. Keep working hard and succeeding in lacrosse. You just might be better than I am when I get back. Crazy to see the difference from teams out east to teams from the west, huh? They're crazy good. Keep skiing hard. You're a champ.
Hannah-Doobs! Love you lots. Glad you had a good time at Snowbird! Love the snow.
Heather-Crazy about all these calls. I can't believe kids are leaving so soon. Definitely keep me updated. Patience, Spring will come soon enough. Good luck with dancing! I'm excited to see you get back to full strength. Oh, p.s. tell Kiera and Calea I'm still waiting on these letters. And lemme know what your schedule is for next year in school!
Dad-thanks for the great advice from Pres. Scoresby and Pres. Frandsen. Say hello to them for me. Yes, the weeks do fly by. Sisters are definitely increasing, and fast. In response to your question last week about mission prep, PMG plays a huge role in our work here. We have a mission rule to study it daily for 15 minutes. Definitely get missionaries PMG sound and they will do well out in the field. Everything needed for success as a missionary is found in that handbook.
I love you all. This work is the Lord's work! The church is true, as is the Book of Mormon!
Elder Vernon

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