Monday, February 25, 2013

A New Companion! (Re-post from Sister Nielson's blog)

 "Meanwhile back at the ranch", the trainers had arrived and President was going over their new responsibilities in making sure the 'righteous traditions of the mission and missionary work' are passed on to the new missionaries.  Each missionary goes through a 12-Week Training course to assist in becoming more effective teachers of the gospel. (Standing: Elders Zelezniak, Wilson, Tingey, Neuner and Vernon. Sisters Masters and Young)

 Later in the afternoon. When everyone is back from contacting and the trainers' training is complete, President is ready to make assignments for cities and companionships.  The first is Elder White...
His new companion is Elder Zelezniak.
They will be serving in the beautiful city of Gdansk. 
Elder Boyce will be serving with Elder Wilson in Warsaw II Branch.
Elder Gibby will be serving with Elder Vernon in...
...North Praga or Warsaw I Branch.
Next is Elder Caskey...
...who will serve with Elder Tingey in the great city of Poznan.
Next is Elder Meherg who will serve with Elder Neuner in Kielce.  We will now have two companionships serving in this growing and great branch.  Now the Sisters...
Sister Swenson will be serving with Sister Masters in...
our northern most city-  Gdansk. 
Sister Lenhart will be serving with Sister Young and they are in...
...the Warsaw II District, Warsaw II Branch.
Afterwards they had a few minutes to meet and visit before everyone continued on with training and mission documents.  This is always a fun time to be around missionaries. There is a great excitement as a missionary receives his first assignment. Now, they finally get to experience real life as a missionary and doing what they came to do... preach the gospel!
Dinner tonight was a real treat.. 16 around the table.  What a wonderful groups of great missionaries.  You cannot ask for better than this!!!   Elders Meherg, White, Zelezniak, Boyce, Vernon, Sisters Lenhart, Young, Swenson, Masters, Elders Wilson, Neuner, Gibby, Caskey and Tingey.
Tonight after dinner and testimony meeting, the Warsaw missionaries headed to their apartments.  They can arrive at their apartments in time for 9:00pm planning and be ready for tomorrow.  Sisters Young and Lenhart, with Elders Vernon, Gibby, Wilson and Boyce.

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