Sunday, December 30, 2012

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Warsaw Christmas Zone Conference Dec 25, 2012
CHRISTMAS MORNING: We started off early...heading to the Wolska Chapel to start Christmas Zone Conferences throughout Poland.
THE WARSAW ZONE: Seated- Elders and Sisters Jensen, Lloyd and Peck. Middle row- Sisters Allen, Sheahan, Packard and Young. Elders Vernon, Saltmarsh, Rittmanic, Peacock, Van Bakel, Dopp, Jensen and Mikolyski. Back row- Elders Kotter, Wilson, Jespersen, Smith, Baranowski, Manwill, Pofelski, Rogers, Walter, Register, Smith and Skolmoski.
The Warsaw I District: Elder and Sister Jensen, Sisters Sheahan and Allen. Elders Vernon, Saltmarsh, Van Bakel and Dopp (both Zone Leaders). Back row- Elders Baranowski, Manwill (District Leader), Pofelski and Rogers (both serving in Bialystok).

Christmas dinner in Poland was especially exciting as this was the largest gathering we have had at any dinner while in Poland. What great people to spend Christmas with... our missionaries!
After instruction in the morning and a blessing on the food it was time to eat. Our Senior Missionaries had prepared an extra special Christmas dinner of baked ham, potatoes, homemade rolls and all the trimmings. THANK YOU!!!! (Elders Smith, Mikolyski, Smith, Peacock, Rittmanic,Vernon, Jensen, Kotter and Van Bakel.)

The first round of questions were quotes straight from Preach My Gospel. Elders Saltmarsh, Vernon, Smith and Skolmoski, Jespersen and Smith, Van Bakel and Dopp. Elder and Sister Lloyd doing the scoring on this side.

Elder Vernon wanted the toaster that Elder Manwill had opened.
Elder Saltmarsh paid Elder Van Bakel back and took the Teddy Bear.

And the Warsaw Missionaries (with Bialystok- Elders Pofelski and Rogers) loaded up their goodies (including the coveted Teddy Bear and toaster!) and are ready to go. It was a fun day and soon they will be receiving calls from their families. That will be the best part of the day. Merry Christmas from the Warsaw Zone. Tomorrow, we are up early on our way to the Katowice Christmas Zone Conference.

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