Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another great week in Poland!

Hey, well it's been another great week here in Poland! I'll do my best to get some logistics out of the way first. Mom, I haven't got my scriptures yet. Theyr'e actually waiting in Bydgoszcz. We have Zone Training this week and the zone leaders are bringing them out then, but they are in Poland, and I should get them this week. I also haven't received my twelve days of Christmas package yet, but we're hoping it will come soon. Probably first part of this week. Also, I can't remember if I said this last week or not, but I just found out that Cardigans are now allowed for missionaries, so Elder Vernon might have to go find himself a cardigan to wear! Heather, I need style tips though. What's going to be the best color? I'll probably just end up getting a gray one.
As for a miracle this week, we got a miraculous phone call yesterday. A man named J called us who lives out in Gorzów Wielkopolski. He was an investigator back in 2001 when there was a branch out in that town. He was completely prepared for baptism, everything looked to be in order, but his neighbor died a day before his baptism and he wasn't able to make it. His missionary ended up going home, contact was lost, and things never worked out. Well, he got back in touch with the office yesterday, and I was able to talk to him. He wants to be baptized now, and also wants to get back in touch with his missionary that taught him, who lives in Clinton, Utah. Well, in talking to the Gays about it this morning, we found out that Elder Gay has family in Clinton, as well as a daughter who lives there now. Thus, things look like we will be able to help him get back in contact! We're hoping to be able to go out and visit him this Tuesday. It would be incredible if he were to be baptized and make an addition to the Szczecin Branch.
A lesson I've been learning this week is about pride. Subconciously, I had understood for a long time that humility doesn't necessarily mean thinking less of one's self, just thinking less about one's self. Yet, from time to time I find myself beating myself up. Well, I think the lesson finally hit home this week. I found one of President Uchtdorf's talk which said this exact thing. It, along with the Spirit, sunk in deep. I'm trying to do my best to think more of others, help them, and be a priesthood holder who is always on the Lord's errand.
We also had a great meeting with an investigator named G this week. He's actually hara krishna (spell check? it's the religion that does the festival of colors thing out in Spanish Fork) but is searching for his own road, so he claims. He meets with Jehovah's Witnesses and with others. He came to church yesterday as well! He's slowly easing in to everything, and it's apparent he doesn't want to take anything too fast, but things are going well and we have great hope for him to progress to be baptized. He asked great questions, seemed very willing to read the Book of Mormon, and keep all the committments we extended. Keep him in your prayers. He seems to only be about 24 as well, so he would be a great addition to the branch!
In other news, we have a great new finding idea that some missionaries in New York did. They served free hot chocolate and shined shoes for free in Harlem. I think McKenna Miller was actually part of it. We saw the whole article today on Deseret News when we were at the Gays (they showed us on their ipads). Anyway, it said that the majority of the pictures were from Sister McKenna Miller, but it never had a picture of her. Anyway, we're planning on doing some sort of the same thing this week, I hope. We're looking to get all the pieces of the puzzle to fall in place and make it happen.
Hey, speaking of puzzles, have you guys been doing a Christmas puzzle again? If not, you better find one for next year. We gotta keep that tradition going.
We also went and sang carols in tunnels this week for a finding activity. Nothing too much came of it, but it was a lot of fun. We enjoyed spreading the Christmas cheer and helping others come closer to Christ!
Oh, hey, I had a question. Can you send me the Gloria music? I don't want to take our only CD of it for risk of losing it in the mail, but if you can find it on ITunes or something and send me a copy, I'd love to have it. I was thinking about it this week because Elder Fotu read Luke 1 and 2. You know, the Lex de Azevado stuff with John Paul Jones (Darth Vader) narrating at the beginning? Anyway, that's all.
Dad, I found another cool connection with being part of Christ's seed, or his sons and daughters. Elder McConkie talks about it in his last conference talk on the atonement. Look it up. It was a cool connection. I also had a doctrinal question. We're asked all the time what God's name is. Jehovah's Witnesses believe it to be Jehovah, and they always freak out when I tell them that Jehovah is Christ. What is the best way to explain that? What is the doctrinal basis for it? I'd love to hear what you have to say.
Well family, sorry that the email is a little short today. I'll try to do better next week. Time kind of got away from me. Know that there's a missionary in Poland who's doing his best and working hard, but trying not to freak out too much or let anxiety get a hold of him. Anyway, he's alright. Don't worry about him too much. He thanks you for all your prayers and for the love you send his way. Oh, hey, by the way, that guy is me! And I'm the luckiest kid in the world to have the best family which is going to last forever!
So, yeah. Keep the faith, enjoy the snow, and remember, We are the Vernon's and we know who we are!
Humorous! (Beat ya Doober)
Love you all lots,
Elder Vernon

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