Saturday, October 5, 2013

Radio Interview

Last week Elder Vernon ran into a reporter while he was contacting on his mission. The reporter interviewed Spencer and the interview was on the radio in Szczecin. Elder Vernon told us about the interview in his email and said he was grateful for the opportunity to talk about the Church on the radio. I really wanted to hear the interview so I did a google search. I figured it was a looong shot but I thought I would try to find the interview. I was shocked when I found the interview!! Don't ask me how I found it because it was pure luck or maybe inspiration. Here is the link to the interview. If you scroll down the page (after going to the link) and click on the sound icon you can hear him speaking Polish. I cried when I heard him. The gift of tongues is real!!,103836,przyjechali-by-nawrocic-szczecinian-to-mormoni-z

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