Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Polish Pottery (Written by Elder Vernon's Mom)

As soon as Elder Vernon opened his mission call and I found out he was called to serve in the Poland Warsaw mission I began searching the internet for anything and everything I could learn about Poland. I immediately fell in love with polish pottery!
Before Elder Vernon left for his mission I told him if he ever wanted to send me something from Poland I would love some pottery. In April, Elder Vernon was serving in Warsaw and he decided that the time was right to send me some pottery. On April 8th I received an email from a pottery store in Warsaw confirming shipment of 2 boxes to my address. I was so excited! We have been anticipating the arrival of this pottery for over a month (the boxes were shipped 'slow boat').
Monday afternoon I found a large box sitting on my doorstep. My heart jumped when I saw the return address....Polska. My Polish pottery had arrived. It was like Christmas as I carefully unwrapped each piece. It wasn't until two days later that I received the second box. When the second box arrived I was so scared because the box was literally falling apart. I thought that I would open the box to find broken pieces of pottery and not whole plates. I actually shook the box gently to see if I could hear broken pieces. I was delighted to find eight plates and not one was broken (I have never seen so much bubble wrap in my life). I opened each plate slowly and enjoyed examining the pattern before unwrapping the next plate.
I am grateful that Elder Vernon is learning to love the rich history and amazing people of Poland and that he is anxious to share a piece of that with me through their amazing pottery. Every Sunday we will enjoy a meal together as a family and feel connected to Elder Vernon as we eat dinner on beautiful Polish pottery.
Hannah couldn't wait to see what was inside. Everyday she would come home from school and the first thing she would ask was, "Did the pottery come?"

Each piece was carefully wrapped!

The pie plate if for Grandma Honey and the round candy dish is for Granmda Fernie.
I may have a hard time giving the grandmothers their pottery :)

 The second box did not arrive until Wednesday and it definitely had a rougher trip than the first box.

I was afraid of what I would find inside
I think this box was dropped once or twice

Elder Vernon said that the kite plate is his plate.
They are beautiful! I hope we are brave enough to actually  use them.

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