Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warsaw Zone Conference (re-post from Sister Nielson's blog)

 The WARSAW ZONE  Top row (L to R)  Elders Boyce, Wilson, Finch, Peacock, Garfield, Manwill, Gibby, Vernon, Pofelski, Roberts, Skolmoski, Z.Smith, J.Smith and Jespersen.  Middle row- Elders Van Bakel, Raines, Tiner, Mikolyski, Sisters Howells, Allen, Young, Lenhart, Elders Register, Walter, Sister and Elder Hutchinson.  Seated- Elder and Sister Jensen, Sister and Elder Schutze, Sister and Elder Lloyd.

 Singing 'Sto Lat' to our birthdays...Sister Young, Sister Schutze (she loved the M&M cookies!), Elders Finch, Walter, Pofelski, Vernon, Wilson, Tiner and Jespersen. It was a little tight, but no one seemed to mind.

 Warsaw I District: Elders Van Bakel and Raines (Zone Leaders); Elder and Sister Jensen; Sisters Howells and Allen; Elders Gibby and Vernon; Elders Manwill (District Leader) and Garfield; Elders Pofelski and Roberts (Bialystok).

After Zone Conference, Elder Schutze held a leadership meeting.  Elders Skolmoski, Vernon, Jespersen, Garfield, Wilson, Manwill, Elder Schutze, Elders Van Bakel, Mikolyski, Raines and Tiner.

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