Monday, October 22, 2012

Poland letter #9 (Transfers)

So, everybody's excited about transfers, huh? Well, I guess I can tell you about them. So, from the looks of things, I'm staying in Sosnowiec, which is great. I'm happy about that. I really like it here. Elder M is staying in Kato as well, but not as my companion. He's getting moved to the other apartment out in a town called Brynow, which means I'm getting a new companion, named Elder B. I don't know him at all, but he's only a transfer ahead of me. As in he's only been in the country for 4 months. So we have a missionary training me who just barely got off the training program 6 weeks ago. Exciting, isn't it?! Elder R (in our district) was in the MTC with him and says he is one of his favorite missionaries in Poland.  Elder M's new companion is Elder H, who is in my group of missionaries. What I mean by that is he was in the MTC with me. So, he'll be finishing up his training program with Elder M. It's all exciting, and we are going to have a super young district. Can you believe it? 3 out of the 4 Elders in our district now have been in the country 4 months or under, and half of us for only 2 months. Craziness. I'm sad to see my companionship with Elder M come to an end. He's been a great trainer and I've learned a ton from him. What an awesome chance though to still serve around him and see him frequently. Also, Elder M has been promoted to Zone Leader in the Kato Zone, which is great for him! My new companion, Elder B, will be the District Leader here in Kato, which will be exciting for him as well!
As for missionary work, it's been a solid week. I feel so lucky to be a part of this work and to be a tool in God's hands. A couple cool stories from the week. So, first off, we had an awesome contact with a guy named D this week. I was the one who contacted him, and I actually did a lot of the talking with him as well. He complimented me big time on my Polish. He didn't believe me at all when I told him I'd only been learning Polish for 4 months, and I'd only been in Poland for 2 months, so that was a huge confidence builder. However, I found myself speaking at a level of Polish I didn't know I had and understanding everything he was saying, which had never happened to me yet while in Polska (Poland). It was a total gift of tongues moment. I know the Lord was leading me to say things I needed to say and helping to bring His message to one of His children. It was an awesome experience, and we're hoping to meet with Damian soon.
We didn't have any investigators in church this past week, which is a bit of a bummer, but we did get to hear from a member named R.H. No, he's not Polish. He's a professional volleyball player here in Poland and a member of the church. He's also on the U.S. national team and was in the Olympics this past summer. He talked to us all about his life as a professional and his life in the church. It's obvious he's a stalwart member and knows the gospel very well. Elder V, who is going home this week, translated for him as he spoke to the congregation. That was awesome. I was so impressed to think that someday, I might be able to speak that well. I hope I can and am working hard to be able to do so.
I wish you all could see the little miracles I see on a daily basis. Just one, we were coming to the chapel last week and a man was outside looking at our sign. He was just curious about who we were and asked us for a Book of Mormon so he could read it. We testified to him and gave it to him. I mean, how often does that happen in our daily lives? It is so obvious that the Lord's hand is in this work. I'm so grateful to be a tool in His hands.
I've also been studying this week about charity and seeing others through God's eyes. A cool aspect or way of thinking I came across this week was this. So, whenever we have degrading thoughts about ourselves or others, we are doing just what Satan wants us to do. We can't do that if we are to have charity for others, and even for ourselves. When we degrade ourselves with thoughts like, "I'm so dumb, why did I do that?" and "I'll never amount to anything. I make way too many mistakes." that's Satan speaking to us. God sees our potential in everything we do. Those mistakes and sins are just stepping stones on the path to producing our consecrated, polished, and eternal selves. So don't look around at other people and pick out bad things. Pick out potential, and all the good things you can find in them. I've been doing it this past week, and it's incredible the difference I've found.
We tracked down a few former investigators and were able to have lessons with them this week! That was awesome. We'll see if anything comes of it in the coming weeks.
Mom, those insights about salt are very interesting. I'm excited to go study about them. Anything from Elder McConkie is bound to be doctrinally loaded.
As for letters, I sent one to Dad last week, and I'll be sending one for Emma shortly, so keep an eye out for those. Mom, I received your package, but still nothing from Grandma Honey. That being said, we don't get our mail until after we email on Monday, so I could very well get it today. We'll see.
Hey, Dad and Emma, I've got a challenge/assignment for you. Emms, I know you asked about if I work out, and I do. We have a half hour every morning to work out, but often I'm not exactly sure how to utilize it best. Can you and Dad write out a workout program for me? I'd be super appreciative. The missionary guidebook recommends 10 minutes of stretching per day, then either 20 minutes of strength building or 20 minutes of cardio, rotated throughout the week (so three days of each in essence), just for some ideas. I'm excited to see what you can come up with.
Hannah bear, I love that you love to read. It's a great thing to do. Tell grandma Fernie hi for me! and Grandma Honey and grandpa Ted.
Heather, good luck with crutches and with school. I know you can do it.
Emms, keep working hard. Good luck with lacrosse. I know you can do it as well.
Dad, I still haven't received a letter about recognizing the Spirit, and I asked you a few more questions in the letter I sent.
I love you all! It's exciting to hear about home and everyone going on missions, especially the girls! Keep the faith. The Church is true!
With love,
Elder Vernon

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  1. My son is Elder Harris.They were in the MTC together and from the looks of it will be in the same district together. I am excited to get to know you more.