Monday, September 3, 2012

Week 2 in Poland

Family! Oh so good to hear from you. I'm still trying to figure out this email thing. I've decided on this. I'll write what happened in my week, then I will answer your questions.
So, firstly, this week was hard. Like, really hard. You remember when I had that weekend my junior year during football where I played jv and varsity in consecutive nights, then played like 4 lacrosse games on Saturday, and was super sick? Like chills, shivers, really bad throwing up and diarrhea sick? Yeah, well it happened all over again. Monday night I was shivering like crazy and just felt like crap. That night, Elder Mikolyski gave me a blessing. It was just what I needed. The Lord told me how proud He is of me doing this work here and how much progress I've made. He also told me that the progress I can continue to make is so much more than I can even imagine. I was also promised that by my faith I could be healed and work a full day the next day. I have to say, I have a lot of faith to build still, because I didn't sleep at all that night and ended up throwing up around 4 am. Needless to say, I didn't go out and work that day (Tuesday) or the next day (Wednesday). I spent them sleeping and trying to recover. Thursday, Elder Mikolyski went to Warsaw for a leadership conference with the Zone Leader in our Zone, Elder Vreeken. I was on splits with Elder Vreeken's companion, Elder Rittmanic. They're both serving in Kato as well, just a different area. Elder Rittmanic is from Provo and went into the MTC the group right before mine. He's great. He went to Timpview and is a football player. Anyway, we did a little bit of work Thursday until I got lightheaded and a bit weak, so we went home and I slept some more. Friday, Elder Mikolyski was back and we went and helped a member move all of her furniture and things to a new apartment, on the 5th floor. Let me tell you something, they don't have elevators here, and the staircases are so skinny. Moving her refrigerator was a fun experience. Luckily, we had Elder Rittmanic (he's a lineman). He and I manhandled that refrigerator and got it done. I slept real good that night too haha. Saturday we went tracting for the first time. That was super interesting. We had some people yell at us. Honestly, it didn't scare me at all. I just feel so bad for them. They don't realize what they're missing. I want so badly to give it to them as well. Sunday was great. We did a lot of contacting, but to no real avail. It's ok though. I'm trying to talk to a lot of people. I'm beginning to understand more Polish too! Especially on gospel related subjects, there's a lot I can pick out. It's hard though. It's very evident that I'm new here. People compliment me on my Polish all the time though, which is a big confidence builder. I just feel so bad for Aaron. I can't even imagine being in a country where I don't know any of the language. I would feel so lost. Today we're going laser tagging for P-day. I'm excited. It should be fun! One other side note. We found longboarding in Poland! It's the only one I've ever seen here. It's not popular at all. Needless to say, we went up and talked to the girl and guy who where boarding. They thought we were going to give them a spiel all about the gospel and were kinda cold toward us initially, but when they found out I longboard, they opened right up. It was really cool. We invited them to the english class we teach and hopefully they'll show up. FYI, longboard in Polish, is just longboard, same as English.
Ok, question time.
Mom, yes I'm cooking my own meals, and yes, some easy recipes would be greatly appreciated. I won't lie, I'm a little bit lost with what to do for food. I'm living off sandwiches, cereal, yogurt, and pasta right now :). I got your letter this morning! Super fast, huh? It was so great to get that already. We have zone conference tomorrow, so hopefully I will be able to get whatever mail was sent to the office then. I'm excited to read this article about BYU. I'm glad they won. Can you send me an article about the game? Thanks. Elder Mikolyski is solid. Our interests are a bit different, but we get along great. He's a good missionary. I knew Matt would have go to California. Our Bulgarian Elders did the same while in the MTC. Thanks so much for the support Mom and the news.
Dad, thank you so much for the advice and the information. I'm so jealous that Elder Madsen is teaching that class. I would love to be learning from him. There's so much I still need to know and learn as a missionary.
I love you all. This gospel is true.
With love,
Elder Vernon

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